Digital and Hybrid Events


Over the last decades digital communication has become of extremely high importance. Everybody uses smartphones or tablets to communicate efficiently with colleagues, customers and institutions.

In recent years, we at EUFED have seen the consequences at conferences and congresses. The participants have a desire to use digital communication during the congresses and also want to be informed, for example, about current changes in the programme online and immediate.

Even before the Pandemic the demand to participate virtually in a congress was steadily growing. When the pandemic occurs, congress organisers were forced to switch to a digital format.

EUFED has helped many scientific societies to make this change and keep costs and effort to a manageable level. Some examples are the Chemical Engineering Congress CHISA 2021, the European Corrosion Congress EUROCORR 2021 or the Liquid Matter Conference 2021. Each of these congresses were planned to take place in presence, but due to the Pandemic, it was necessary to change the format to digital.


In spring 2022, it seems that the Pandemic will enter a stable status and life will return to a new normal. The new normal will consists for sure of a higher amount of digital communication than before. People have experienced the efficiency of digital participation at a congress and it is likely that the number of participants who will travel to the congress sight will decrease significantly compared to the times before the Pandemic.

EUFED has therefore developed a hybrid concept for congresses to enlarge the on-site experience of participants but to also allow people to be a virtual part of the congress. Networking online combined with on-site is the new trend and EUFED offers this at manageable cost.